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Nubian, LaMancha, Alpine, Toggenburg

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Ross Valley Ranch is our little peace of heaven.  Our homestead is located on 14 acers which is surounded with wild life and our livestock.  Our farm is located in the south west part of Missouri. 

God has blessed us with this location, which is surrounded by all forms of wildlife, 50 foot large red oak trees and a fully stocked pond.

The livestock we raise are dairy goats, feeder cattle, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, feeder pigs and horses.  We have a endless supply of fresh goats milk, Kefir grains, Kefir goat milk, Fresh eggs, Scented goat & unscented goat milk soap. 

Fresh organic herbs, fruit and vegetables are grown yearly.  Items are available depending upon the season.


To make a purchase schedule your appointment today. 

Due to our busy farm work schedule, please call or email in advance.  So we can set aside the quality time to spend with you provide.  We look forward to your  visit and assisting you with your future order.




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